Thursday, September 18, 2014


When I see something that inspires me, I immediately see all the possibilities.

(Ambition glazed porcelain vases found at JANUS et Cie)

Sometimes I see where I might place it in my home, but more often these inspiring objects give me ideas of how to create something. I don't like to copy stuff, but I do like to put my own spin on what inspired me. These great vases fill my creative side with many unusual ideas. 

Yesterday, a friend and I checked out a place called NAPA HOME in Dallas. We discovered several great items of inspiration. 

Like these large colorful striped vases.

I'm often inspired by the display fixtures just as much, and sometimes a bit more, than the actual merchandise on display. Take for example…these cool circular shelves.

There were several fabulous slabs of petrified wood in this store that fascinated me. The whole…wood turns to stone…thing, is quite amazing.

This groovy glass object would be a lovely chandelier. 

This is no velvet Elvis, but it is indeed a painting on velvet. Love it! 

And of course, a day of inspiration could not lack at least one giant sized object. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I accidentally, but delightedly, happened upon the MADI geometric art museum in Dallas.
(Cosmopolis V 1946)
This, both concave and convex, piece 'Cosmopolis v' was created by Carmelo Arden Quin, the Madi movement primary founder. 
What is the Madi movement? Well, You will get a pretty good visual idea as you view the following works.

A work by Martin Blaszko, a friend of Carmelo, who also helped found this creative art movement.
What does 'MADI' mean? Well, apparently there are a few different possible answers to this question, but the most popular is… 
Movimiento Artistico De Invencion.  

When we (my youngest son and I) walked in, we were amazed by all the shapes and colors. Our eyes didn't know which way to look, because there was so much to see.

In the car on the way to this destination, my son was not very pleased that he was chosen to tag along with me. As we began to walk around and take in all the great shapes and colors, my son asked if he could have my iPhone. "Seriously! We're in this space filled with all this inspiring art, and you want to sit and play games on my phone?" He looked at me like I was a bit crazy and said, "No mom, duh! I want to take some pictures."

I'm glad we both took lots of pictures because now I have some serious visual inspiration for my next few masterpieces. 

This one is one of my favorites. I want to hang this in my house. I think my next masterpiece will have to be an interesting irregular shape rather than your standard rectangular canvas.

There was more art than there was space to show the art in this engaging museum. On every wall, down every hall, in every corner, every square inch seemed to be covered by art. 

Speaking of space, I would love to see any of these artists studios. I can imagine they would be filled with amazing splashes of color…spilt out on the floors and walls. 

The piece above and below were created by Ricardo Paniaqua. I'm thinking he would like one of my latest pieces… "The Color of Inspiration."  I especially like the dripping stripes above, which is also very much like another piece I had a lot of fun creating. I bet Ricardo's work space is something quite inspiring to see. 

These triangles of color by Ricardo Paniagua are fantastic. 

These inspiring mixed media pieces are by Milan artist, Pergiorgio Zangara. He specializes in cubes and semi-circles combined with plexiglass. This piece looks like a lovely abstract butterfly.

I like a nice 3-d work of art.

And there are many to be seen at the Madi museum.

Along with several great framed two-dimensional pieces as well. 

I assume that you figured out a bit of what the Madi art movement is about from these many inspiring works of art.

Oh, and let's not forget about the fascinating sculptures.

Even the gift shop was filled with inspiring works, like Pamela nelson's great sequin art.

And some small masterpieces by Beti Bricelj.

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely…Inspired Yet Again!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Today, I thought I would share some inspiring and eclectic design from one of my fun daily detours.

This great little vignette is not just eclectic, but a really fun example of how you can mix patterns.

I took all of today's pictures at Rutherford's Design in Dallas.  

Loving these great black and gold tiles, and those sconces too.

They look fantastic on this fireplace wall. I know they put that sofa there for store viewing purposes, but in your home…Please don't block your beautiful fireplace with a big piece of furniture.  

I like how they added that colorful modern art and those funky dudes, that you can barely see in this image, crawling up the wall to the left.

Wow…Chandelier that makes a statement. I haven't decided what the statement is yet, but it's definitely interesting.

It's fun to see a few odd pieces thrown into the mix. Now that chandelier says, "I may be serious, but I definitely have a colorful fun side as well."

This beautiful turquoise desk would be a perfect piece 
to add into any eclectic space. 

But if that was to modern, this pretty faux marble painted desk is a lovely option.

Love the Sea Urchin chandelier. This was one of the wallpapered ceilings that inspired me (in this past post) to want to wallpaper my foyer. It's still in the works (my head) …I'll give you an update when it actually leaves the head and gets to the ceiling. 

I had to take a pic of these funky fellas. I imagined these frogs were saying', "Help, I'm falling!" But then I noticed the number on that little price tag, Now I'm sure they're saying, "Keep your paws off!"

Here's a few fun item's to add to your eclectic space.
And let's not forget the art…

From a simple lovely black and white drawing of a woman.

To …some mirror framed colorful nudes

To this… large amusing painting of a bull dog.

Hope you enjoyed todays detour (-:

Friday, September 5, 2014


I've been Inspired to create a new brightly colored modern masterpiece.

The inspiration came from a small white frame and a stack of colorful card stock.

Suddenly, I knew just what to do. I chose a mix of colors, and arranged and rearranged pieces of the colorful card stock rectangles and squares until I liked what I saw.

Then I used small rectangles of black paper, which I cut into different shapes to create a positive negative effect.

Then I put each little masterpiece into one of the 5x7 white frames.

And placed them out on my desk in the arrangement that I would hang them.

Don't criticize the hanging, they're not perfect yet. These little frames have a poor hanging system…so I will have to perfect it later.
But…they (The Idea) look pretty good…right?

They're hanging in my office and they make me happy…enough said.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


1. Hang similar pieces of art work together to make one big statement. 
These four paintings are different sizes, but the colors are the same, and the way they were placed makes it appear as one large work of art.

2. Place a grouping of a similar item or collection together. 
These beautiful small agate sculptures make a big statement when they are displayed as a group.

3. Don't be afraid to display more than one of a matching object. The agate sculptures were the same and yet different, but these pretty pastel green vases are exactly the same and look excellent when displayed in a pair or grouping.

4. Layer mirrors or artwork…or in this case mirrors and artwork.

5.  Layer tables.
Put smaller unique tables under or in front of a larger table.

6. Tuck a bench under a console table.

7.  Big bold art makes a big bold statement. 

8. It's okay to put big things on small tables.
A bowl is pretty, but a big horse head…
This little vignette is an example of both layering art and tables, plus adding something big on a little table.

9.  Mix patterns and textures.

Hope you enjoyed.
All the photos were taken at Mecox in Dallas… I love that place!