Monday, October 20, 2014


Art! An essential part of any well designed space.

While a chandelier adds drama to the space, art brings the zest…the vim…the verve…the pizzazz. 

Whether it be a painting, sculpture, photograph or….whatever your particular preference, art is one of the most important elements of a great design.

And, it doesn't have to be a complicated piece to add that all important…'oomph' to a space.

While size is subjective, my personal opinion is that every room needs at least one large piece of art. 

This brightly colored large work, created with pastels, was one of my favorite finds from my visit to the Dallas Design Center last week. Notice the great size of this work of art …in the image on the right. I like how the artist, Jamali, used 10 separate pieces of paper to create one very large creation.

It even inspired me to pick up some pastels of my very own. I'll let you see what I create…as soon as I figure out what it will be.

Another of my favorites of the day was this, also quite large, painting titled… Under The Apple Tree. Unfortunately, no one could actually read the artists signature.

But, we don't have to know who created it, to admire it. I especially like the colors in this fantastic piece.

Art! Buy it, borrow it, or create it…but don't live without it!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I love chandeliers because they add drama to a space.

While strolling through the Dallas Design Center last week, I spotted several impressive chandeliers.

If it's the first thing you notice when you walk in the room, it obviously has made some kind of impression on you. Hopefully it's a "Wow! That's fabulous!" rather than a…"Yikes! Where did they get that thing from?" impression.

Your art and furniture can be fantastic, but adding a dramatic chandelier turns fantastic into magnificent.

The size of the chandelier also adds to the drama. 

Look how dramatic a modern style chandelier can be in a traditional setting. I love mixing styles. This chandelier is more like a great sculpture hanging from the ceiling…

I don't know if you can read that price tag but….
Would it be weird if my chandelier cost way more than my car?

It… this very-expensive-silver-sculpture-chandelier, inspires me to get to work on that silver sphere chandelier I keep talking about. 

So far, I've collected the spheres… 

Notice the way that this lovely opaque-crystal chandelier adds elegance to this space.

Whatever the style you like , there's definitely a perfect chandelier out there for you.

And, don't think you must have just one. 
Hanging more than one chandelier, of a similar style, in a space… definitely adds drama.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Great design at great prices. Ya gotta love a place like that.

I made a quick stop at Target last night. Well, it was supposed to be a quick stop. I soon realized that I can't leave that place without checking to see what's new in the home furnishings, table top, and stationary/gift wrap etc… aisles.

By the way, this is no ad. I don't do any sponsored posts. I just write about what inspires me…and I happen to be inspired by target.
I'm wondering why the other super-sized discount stores haven't figured out how to do what target does.

I never know when I might find that…'something' that I just have to have. I  snagged me a set of these great Missoni bowls a year or so ago. If I must shop in a big discount retailer…this is the one. 

My sister once had a friend who told her that if she won the big lottery, she would spend it all at W …that other…not so stylish super-store. Oy! I'm not crazy like that. I'm just saying…

I think it's smart to keep your eyes open when you visit Target because their design is right on target. So to you…the brilliant guy or gal who decided to put the style into a discount retailer… Right o…on!  Target. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today, I found myself both inspired by the giving and by the goods that were given.

I have been waiting for the opening of the 'Dwell with Dignity's Thrift Studio'. I read about it on a Dallas Design Center website and wanted to go and photograph the creative home furnishing vignettes for an inspiring blog post. I was going for…'the pretty'…but instead, came away with a new inspiration. 

It wasn't actually a thrift shop. In fact I'm not quite sure why the word "thrift" is even used here. It's really a fundraiser for the Dwell with Dignity organization. Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of interior designers that give their time, goods, and skills, to create inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. They believe that if they can change someone's environment, it will change their outlook on life. I think it's great!
Check out some of their inspiring before-and-after's on the 

The giving part definitely inspires me, and I plan on giving to the givers, but now… let's take a look at some of the inspiring gives.

Like this funky 'Tutti-Frutti' multi colored glass cluster.

There were many great pieces of art to admire, and purchase of course. 

This lovely red untitled piece is by artist Mary Morgan.
It would make a great bold statement in a modern minimalist space. 

I'm not quite sure of what I'm looking at in this lively piece, but I do like what it says.

This one clearly caught my attention. Titled "Reverence #222".  I like all the color, but I mostly dig the texture and the mixing of the colors. 

I even like the way the artist, Melissa Ellis, signed her name right into the thick painted design.

As usual, I did see a chandelier or two that I found attractive.

And, I thought that this wall-drawing was a clever way to showcase some of the donated pieces.

This piece of furniture reminds me of our year and a half in North Carolina. My husband was the builder/project manager for a large mountainside vacation home. 

The project called for lots of huge chunky pieces of wood, bark, and stone. I would drive up there and see the large pile of throw away wood… 'chunks'? in a burn pile, and the creative part of my brain would go into overload. 

I would design possible benches, tables, sculptures, etc…while my husband would simply roll his eyes. 
I did eventually make a few great modern pieces of art out of some less chunky, but equally cool barn wood. 

I remember going with my husband to the farm to purchase the barn wood for siding. The home being built was a green project. It was sided with barn wood, bark, and stacked stone. It was actually very chic. 

In Dallas you have to go to a pricey showroom to buy reclaimed wood. In North Carolina, we just drove out to the farm where they tore down the barn. Anyway, we were definitely city people a bit out of our element. 

On the farm, in the mountains, I suddenly saw this amazing fluffy white bird walking around. Excitedly I said, "what is that?" as I  grabbed my camera. The guy looked at me like I was from another planet and said, "duh! It's a chicken." Well, maybe he didn't actually say the "duh!" part. 

How was I supposed to know that there were fluffy (Silkie) chickens. To me it looked like the kind of bird that Paris Hilton might want to carry around in her purse.

I hope you enjoyed todays inspiration.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Once again, I've been inspired to create. 

This time, I painted a colorful horse. 

Everywhere I go, I see beautiful, amazing, and always inspiring, horses. So finally I decided that it was time to stop horsing around and use all that inspiration to create something. 

It began with a simple doodle.

Well, actually it began with a sign in the clouds…

Can you see it?

I told you…I see horses everywhere I go.

Anyway, after I saw the horse running through the sky, and drew my doodle…

I began to layer my canvas with color.

And then…yes… more color of course, because I'm such a colorful kind of gal.

Once I was pleased with my background, I added my inspiration.

There's something very cool and mysterious about horses. I live in a neighborhood filled with homes, but just through the park, and around the corner, there's a small field with 5 beautiful horses. Sometimes they even ride them through the park, which is usually pretty great to see…unless… they forget to bring their giant pooper-scoopers. Seriously, we have 'pick up after your dog' signs in the park…do they not think we're going to know who left the giant sized…you know what I mean.

Back to my painting….

Tada! My inspired horse. I shall call it…


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I scrolled through 3000+ photos, that I've taken since the birth of this blog in January, I noticed that there were a few random, and yet interesting, pics that I hadn't used in any post yet. 

Like this crazy 4' x 4' Mona Lisa art that I discovered 
in a local thrift shop. It made me laugh, and for a brief moment I did consider buying it, but alas…I had no place to actually put it.

Sometimes I take a picture of an accidental good idea. Accidental, because it wasn't an actual idea or plan. Like these two half circle tables that were placed  up against each other. They weren't meant to be sold together, but I think they work interestingly well as one odd table. I say…It's a work of art.

And yesterday, oddly enough, just after I dropped off two of our favorite cable knit throws at a knitting shop for repair, I briefly stopped in at the Dallas Galleria and found these interesting… knit-heads?
They were in the H&M window display.

All they have to do is spray them orange, add a stem with a leaf on top, and then they'll be ready for the pumpkin season.

I end todays random musings post with a story. 

It seems that just after I added my 'About Me' page, where I happened to mention that I'm a bit of a story teller, I stopped telling stories. I'm not sure why, but I apologize to those who've missed my stories.  I will now resume adding stories to my posts. And so, I  also now apologize to those who didn't miss those stories.

 I discovered that I was a story teller because a friend, who wouldn't stop laughing at me, happily pointed it out. 
It happened one morning, many years ago, when a co-worker (my friend) asked me what color lipstick I was wearing. So, I told her all the details about how I woke up exhausted that morning, and I told her all about the many specifics on how I chose what to wear that day, and I may have even told her about what I had for breakfast etc… I had to explain about how I was really wearing two different colors instead of just one, but instead of just saying that, I spent 20 minutes explaining the how and why before I actually got to the whatWhen I finally finished talking, she began to laugh and laugh and then simply said, all I asked you was, "What color lipstick?"

That was the embarrassing moment when I discovered that I often tell a bit of a story instead of just giving a brief answer.